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Townland of Kinnakinelly (aka Kinakinelly)

Griffith's Valuation (1855)

Roger Ronan was a tenant of Francis Fitzgerald - 38. House, offices and land (12a 0r 26p), 39. Land (9a 2r 27p), 40. Land (20a 2r 34p).

Thomas Ronan was a tenant of Francis Fitzgerald - 42. House, offices and land (48a 2r 16p).

Michael Ronan shared a tenancy with 4 others from Francis Fitzgerald - 50d. House, offices and land (49a 2r 31p total size).

Census 1901

Luke Ronayne, Farmer, aged 60.
Wife: Kate, aged 60 - 2 children listed:

  1. Michael, Farmer's Son, aged 33.
    Wife: Catherine, aged 21.
  2. Kate, aged 20.

Census 1911

Catherine Ronayne, Farmer, aged 75, Widow.
Michael Ronayne, Farmer's Son, aged 48.
Catherine Ronayne, Wife, aged 35. Her place of birth is Co. Mayo.
Married for 10 years - 5 children:

  1. Luke, Scholar, aged 9.
  2. Mary, Scholar, aged 7.
  3. Patrick, aged 5.
  4. John, aged 3.
  5. David, aged 1.

Family Trees

Roger Ronan

Family trees for the Roger Ronayne branch can be found at: Sources: HR: Harry Ronayne, FS:, SH: Stephen Hall, NF: Niamh Flanagan, C11: Census 1911.

Note: FamilySearch shows Mary Ronayne, daughter of Rodger Ronayne, married Patrick Cunningham in Milltown on 4/2/1864
Possible children - Patrick b. 8/2/1868, Maryanne b. 11/1/1870, Catherine b. 26/5/1872, Julia b. 27/10/1874, Sarah b. 22/9/1876, Roger b. 21/9/1878

Michael Ronan

The families shown in the Census for both 1901 and 1911 are the same and marriage records show that Luke's father was Michael. In addition to the children listed in the 1901 Census, there are three other children, Patrick, Martin, and Mary, listed on Assuming that Luke's father is the same Michael listed in the Griffith's Valuation, a basic tree would be as follows:

UPDATE: According to Fr. James Ronayne, Luke (1841) was a brother of Pat in Burrish. A more complete version of Luke's tree has been added to the online tree for the Burrish Ronaynes. Email mikeogrady 'at' for access details.

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