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Town of Dunmore

Census 1901

House No. 6 in High Street

Bridget Ronan, Dressmaker, aged 43.
Married - 1 child listed:

  1. Joseph, Scholar, aged 13.

House No. 12 in High Street

Return of Julia Breheny included:
Maria Ronayne (38), Daughter, Housekeeper.
Husband: John Ronayne (43), Son in law, Tea Agent. Born in Co. Roscommon - 2 children:

  1. Edward, Scholar, aged 11.
  2. Frank, Scholar, aged 8.

Census 1911

House No. 7 in High Street

John Ronayne, General Labourer, aged 59.
Wife: Bridget, aged 58.
Married 29 years - 1 child, still living.

Also listed is his Sister in law, Margaret Killeen, aged 37 and single.

House No. 20 in High Street

Return of Cornelius Joseph Kennedy.
The return includes:

Michael Ronan, Shop Assistant, aged 17

House No. 12 in Bridge Street

Return of Martin Greaney for 26 people (boarding house) Page 2.
The return includes:

Peter Ronane, Draper's Apprentice, aged 15.

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